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Minimum Driver Requirements

Age Requirement for Renter - Minimum age of 21+ years old to drive.

A valid state License and Credit Card are required to rent. The cardholder must be present to rent.

You are responsible for the machine and other equipment. Items will be inspected and signed off prior to rental by renter. A credit card will remain on file and pay for any damages to lost or damaged equipment.

All customers must sign a Rental & Release of Liability Agreement. A legal Parent or Guardian must sign for Passengers under the age of 18

Unsafe operation of ATV’s may cause serious bodily injury or death. 

You will not be permitted to Drive if have ANY MEDICAL CONDITION that may impair your judgment or ability to safely operate our machines.

Drivers suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or certain types of prescribed medication will not be permitted to drive.


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We understand that things come up. We require a min. of a 72 hr notice of a cancellation or to be able to move your reservation. Any notice after 72 hours would be a loss of deposit paid at booking.

Are there any waivers?

Yes, all participants are required to fill out a waiver prior to partaking.
 Upon arrival, guests will be required to sign a hard copy of the waiver, as well.

Is there a down payment?

Yes, guests are required to pay 50% at the time of reservation. The remaining 50% balance is due upon arrival. Guests can pay their reservation in full at the time of booking.